We believe in China.


China & the world

TSE Foundation believes that China is poised to play a major leadership role in the trans­national age. We are working to foster a contem­porary and accessible 21st century expression of Chinese culture ready to take its place on the world stage.

Unite this human family.


Towards a united humanity

TSE Foundation supports initiatives that cele­brate the human spirit. We are contributing to the develop­ment of a new global cultural sphere, a space in which indivi­duals from around the world can engage in conver­sation about what unites the human family, our shared values and our shared future.

We believe in Philanthropy.



We believe that philan­thropy is a vital sector of global civil society capable of uniting and guiding humanity in the trans­national age. TSE Foundation is working to develop the sector into a more co­hesive and co­ordinated network whereby philan­thropy might embrace its innate potential for leadership.