This is our history.


The origins of TSE Foundation trace back to Jiangsu Province, China where founder, Joseph Tse (Tse Hsien Tsung), was born in 1917. Tse was raised in relative poverty and his early life was defined by struggle. Orphaned as a teenager, he curtailed his education in order to seek work in Shanghai.

As did many others at the time, Tse moved to Hong Kong in 1949. He found before him a vibrant dynamic city where the synergy between tradition and inno­vation, between East and West, offered a well­spring of inspiration for an ambitious young man. Tse soon rose to prominence as being among a handful of Chinese traders on the city’s exchange floor.

Upon retiring in 1986 he esta­blished TSE Foundation. A Chinese patriot, his intention was to give back to the country of his birth both by investing in China’s educational infra­structure and by supporting its return to the global stage.

During the past 25 years TSE Found­ation has, among other things, co-funded over twenty-five primary schools in Guangxi Autonomous Region and has provided organisa­tional support to nume­rous non-profit organisa­tions. Mr. Tse was espe­cially proud of his first projects, the Tse Hsien Tsung Primary School, The TSE School, & Dagang Senior High School located in Jiangsu Province. He passed away in ’96 and was laid to rest in his home district of Dantu in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu.

For almost thirty years TSE Found­ation has funded initiatives that promote access to educa­tion, better health care, and greater mutual under­standing and trans­national co­operation. Our early work in rural China included investing in critical educa­tional infra­structure, childhood nutrition, and environ­mental sustain­ability. We have also provided organiza­tional support to a wide range of educa­tional and social justice projects around the world.

This is our founder.


MR. TSE HSIEN TSUNG, 1917-1996. Mr. Tse Hsien Tsung was born in China in 1917. He was two years old when his father died; his mother passed away when he was 17. During his youth, he struggled finan­cially to receive an edu­cation. In his early twenties, Tse Hsien Tsung began working in Shanghai, acquiring valuable experience in the business world. In ’49, when the communists arrived in China, Tse Hsien Tsung fled to Hong Kong with many of his country­men.

From 1949–1986, Tse Hsien Tsung was a member of Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange, building his for­tune practicing sound invest­ment concepts. More impor­tantly, as a senior member of the Stock Exchange, he gained a reputa­tion for excellence and honor.

Upon retiring in ’86, Tse Hsien Tsung immi­grated to Singapore. All his life he had wanted to help the dis­advantaged, as he himself had once been.

In Singapore, he esta­blished a charit­able founda­tion pro­viding grants to assist the community’s needy and elderly.

In the early 1990s, Tse Hsien Tsung returned to Zhenjiang, China in search of his family’s roots. In Dantu, where he felt a special need to contri­bute to his home­town, he provided financial assistance to re­build two village schools. Today, both schools are named in his honor. The Tse Hsien Tsung Primary School has 400 students, and the Tse Hsien Tsung Secondary School has nearly 1,200 students. In addition, a library in Dagang High School was built in honor of Mr. Tse.

Toward the end of his life, Tse Hsien Tsung was deter­mined to donate the majority of his fortune to the Found­ation. He died on March 12, 1996, and is buried behind the Tse Hsien Tsung Secondary School in the garden “Que Bo Yuan.”